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The seasons turn, and in celebration of Spring we have decided to host a little community event for all of the comic makers here at Canine Comics. Any creator of a comic from our group that is either still active or complete may participate in the event. All participants will send in a picture of their comic's main character, making sure that the background is transparent. After all of these have been completed, they will be assembled into one large collaboration. The theme for this event will be Spring, and a background will be added. This will be a nice way to showcase all of our creator's work, as well as contribute to a sense of community among our members. Comic makers do not always get the chance to comment on one another's work, but this will be an opportunity for all of us to come together as a collective.

1. Your file must be .psd image with a transparent background, or a .gif image with a transparent background.
2. Submission links should be sent to Songdog-StrayFang via note. Make sure a download is available! Our best suggestion is to do so via .Stash.
3. You may draw your character/s interacting with an object, such as a flower or tree, as long as you include it as part of your image.
4. You may collaborate with another creator to have your characters interacting in the picture. Just send the characters in as one image.
5. Please only submit characters from comics that are either active or finished (no discontinued works). We want this to reflect what our group has to offer, as well as showcase our comic creators.

The final picture will be submitted directly to Canine Comics, although you are free to upload the image of your character to your own galleries. If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to comment below or send us a note privately :tea:

Deadline:  May 23

Featured Comic: Blade

Mon Sep 16, 2013, 5:29 PM
Blade comic cover updated by MQSdwz35
Blade page 2 by MQSdwz35 Blade page 14 by MQSdwz35 Blade page 20 by MQSdwz35


A story of a black, blue-eyed wolf pup with a knack for surviving where other wolves cannot is adopted into a new wolf pack after she is separated from her mother, the original blue-eyed wolf.

Critique & Review

Blade is the story of a random wolf pup that was found in a snow storm, randomly adopted, and that’s about it. A comic that has taken 4 years to produce 23 pages, and that is as much as can be said about the story as far as an overview. So let’s get into the nitty gritty.

The character Blade is a blue eyed wolf pup. Everyone makes a big deal over the fact that she has blue eyes because it’s unnatural, and apparently something something ancient story something something. Ignoring the cliché of the super-special-rare-blue-eyes nonsense, the fact that it’s being called attention to as ‘unnatural’ at all is kind of baffling. Yes, blue eyes on an adult wolf is unnatural. So are puppies being born in autumn/winter instead of spring, so are wolves having red eyes, so are wolves have visible sclera, so are wolves adopting orphans, so are wolves knowing what a blade is, and so are wolves having an alpha hierarchy that is portrayed more as a monarchy with inherited heirs. But the comic never calls attention to any of that being unnatural.

There really isn’t anything to discuss for the story, because it doesn’t exist. Nor do characters. I cannot tell any of the characters apart, and none of them have personalities anyway. The mysterious orphan/possibly chosen one plot is so ridiculously overdone to death I don’t think I even need to bother complaining about it.

Art wise, the comic is lacking. I’m a little suspect by the subtle variation of the artistic style. Some of the artwork on the older pages are better than artwork on newer pages.

Ignoring all of that, the comic has some major issues on a technical standpoint. The text is awful. Early on they use illegible default MS paint red and blue for font, and by illegible I mean that I could not read some of the words. The sentences are rarely capitalized, punctuation is a mess, and overall it looks sloppy. The panels zoom in on faces way too much, and characters seem to jump around the panels do to a poor direction of panel orientation. The whole thing is rather disorientating for the reader, and makes the comic itself difficult to follow.

On a final note, the characters suffer from the ‘Dull Surprise Syndrome’, meaning in short that they often lack emotional expressions. The expressions are muted and dulled to the point where sometimes I don’t know if the facial expression is meant to match the mood or not. The eyes are almost always wide and full, and not enough is portrayed through facial distortion or body language (which is big with animals).The only time the characters do express facial emotion is when the style jarringly switches to a deformed ‘cartoony’ style, which looks horrifically out of place and clashes with the story.

Blade is the story of a wolf pup, as far as I can tell, also the titular character. The story begins with the introduction of the pup and its being found by a wolf of its new adoptive pack. The pacing at the start is slower than it needs to be, but it's not beating around the bush as most other comics do. At some point that seems not too long into it, if you've begun reading right now, the problem is introduced; something that's been killing off whole wolf packs and has claimed the life of the alpha of Blade's adoptive pack after he'd gone to investigate the strange occurrence. The story does pick up a decent pace in the later pages; soon after the introduction of the problem, there begins to drop hints that are not painfully vague nor absurdly in-your-face drops.

There is a severe problem within the panels where more than one character is speaking and it is not the lack of speech bubbles in the first half of the comic, nor is it the font choice (thankfully); it is that much of the dialogue is backwards in a top-to-bottom manner. It isn't terribly confusing, as there aren't walls of text in any but one panel, but as they are large pages, you will scroll a bit before realizing there was another piece of dialogue. It is not confusing as to who has said what, however, since you can usually match the gesture to the dialogue, although it would rely of being familiar with certain lines and uses of them.

Some things are biologically right, some are wrong. The carry of the wolf pup is the most accurate thing you'll see. The wolves are mostly dog colored, with masks, white, ticking, minimal color on white, and socks. The new alpha is probably the most infused with dog blood of all of them. It gives me the impression that the strangest eye color to find in this pack is green, not blue, but I am probably the only person who would notice.

There's an obvious use of tropes here with the "stories of the blue-eyed-whatever" (at least they didn't call it a prophecy); an adoptive pack; and an external, possibly intangible, menace. It does have me worried because, despite the plot being a rather standard one for canine comics, it is the sort of plot that never seems to get finished and I am not quite confident in it. If there were a way to resolve this plot, I'd love to see it done

There is a notable typos and lack of punctuation, but the dialogue is understandable, if a bit standard or generic. The humor is alright and not terribly out of place where it is inserted. There is a considerable change in the art style more than once, as there has been large expanses of time between scenes. There's a small plus in that it affects the pacing, by forcing the artist to introduce the plot sooner rather than padding and filling the pages with nonsense, but there's the con that it's been years. If the artist had taken years to create the comic and published all at once at the end, it would be alright. I do recommend a use of character redesign; not in the colors, which I have already grown used to the use of, but in allowing for there to be a use of more varied features as pure lineart.

In the end, while it is a comic that hasn't been terrible to read, it is not one I would follow, mostly because of lack of material, the update pace, and that I will usually take interest at the point of divergence between the standard and what makes a familiar story unique. However, it is salvable and the quality has been on a slow but steady climb upwards in quality, but it would need to get further or faster before saying for sure.


Blade page 6 comparison by MQSdwz35 Legend of the Blue eyed wolf by MQSdwz35 cry to the moon by MQSdwz35 Blade animation by MQSdwz35

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Hellaaaaa, I dont have a canine comic just yet, but me and a friend are getting there! I really like this group so far, and the critique! Just wanted to tell you all  appreciate this group haha
FaolanWolfStar Mar 25, 2014  Student General Artist
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Nice to know someone does ='3
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glad you think so.
Songdog-StrayFang Mar 9, 2014  Student Writer
Why thank you kindly :tea:
Ayior Feb 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
So I had submitted the first pages of my comic and then forgot to submit them for a while and now some older than a month are not submitted...
(about two months old)
how can I get them into the group for completeness?
Or is there just no way?
It's....  5 pages I think
PaintedCricket Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Five pages is fine, but try not to send in more than four a day ^^
Ayior Feb 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ok, I'll try two a day or something :D thanks!
PaintedCricket Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okie ^^
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